Can someone help me figure out how to use this overlay?

Hi guys!! I’m trying to make a bed overlay show up. The bed actually shows up, but the bed sheet doesn’t. Or it covers the whole screen. Can someone help me with this?? The first picture is my code, the second picture is how it looks on the screen and the picture with the characters is how I want the sheet to look. Any help is appreciated!!

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maybe this will help

Thank you, I’ve looked at that and it doesn’t show how to code it. Do you know how to code it?

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To where the bedsheet it where it’s supposed to be…

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sure just give me the background and sheets and I’ll give you the template

Nice sounds good. I’m sorry for the late reply. So I have to save the bed as a background and not an overlay???
If that’s the case then I know why things are going wrong.

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INT. JUVIE WELLES BEDROOM - NIGHT with BEDBACKGROUND in zone 2 at layer 0 with EFFECT DIM 60 with BEDSHEET in zone 2 at layer 2
@zoom reset
@cut to zone 2
@overlay 6460929818755072_BEDBACKGROUND shifts to -25 -37 in zone 2
@overlay 6460929818755072_BEDBACKGROUND scales to 0.598 0.598 in zone 2
@overlay 64660929818755072_BEDSHEET shifts to -10 -64 in zone 2
@overlay 64660929818755072_BEDSHEET scales to 0.607 0.607 in zone 2
@CAMERON spot 1.280 94 38 in zone 2 at layer 1
@DESIREE spot 1.280 173 40 in zone 2 at layer 1
@CAMERON faces right
@DESIREE faces left

This how I have it on the episode writing thingy.

yes you do

Hi, I got the background. Do you want me to email it to you?
It’s still not working for me! It’s just the doggone bedsheet won’t budge!

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yea email it to me and I’ll look into this

To Use Bed As Overlay ( I suggest using the INT. BLACK - NIGHT background):
@overlay BEDSHEET opacity 1
@overlay BEDSHEET moves to layer # (positive #)
@overlay BEDBACKGROUND opacity 1
@overlay BEDBACKGROUND moves to layer -# (negative #)
to make them show up on the screen.
If they cover your characters completely, use this:
@CHARACTER moves to layer # (one layer above the bed background and one layer below the bedsheet.)
Or you can save the bed as a background instead of an overlay. You can do it either way. If you use it as a background then just use the bedsheet opacity 1 and position it where you want it.

example of layer setup:
@overlay BEDSHEET moves to layer 2
@overlay BEDBACKGROUND moves to layer -1
@CHARACTER moves to layer 1
(That way the character is between the two overlays)

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