Can someone help me figure out my story?

Hello, if someone can help me figure out my episode story. That would be great ! Because i just don’t know how to start my story. I just finished with the introduction and the character customization. But I’m completely stuck after this. If you can help me, please pm me straight away!!

Sure what do you need help with

I don’t really know how to start my story. To make people want to keep reading it

Whats it about?

It’s about a werewolf called Sander who has been put into a coma for 100s of years because he wasn’t able to find his mate. Then there’s a girl named Lexy who is a nurse and she didn’t know about this werewolf. Then she had to go help a patient, but she doesn’t know where the patients room is. She she accidentally goes into Sanders room. Lexy goes over to him, and stares at him. She feels bad for him so she visits him everyday. Until one day he wakes up, and he finds out that Lexy is his mate. That is why woke up.

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I would like to help as well. As I’m looking at the story’s description, which is a really good story by the way:blush:, I think I might want to hear how you did the introduction, please. Just so I get a good feel on how to help you.

Well, the introduction is just the author explaining some stuff, and then there’s a character customization

Is the reader Lexy?

The main character is Lexy

Who is the reader customising?

Lexy, that’s it. Cause I didn’t want to work with the customizations to much, since they are limited. It look me awhile to make the customization part

Hmm, well, maybe you can start off with little clips or sneak peeks of how he got into a coma and then get into the hospital scene. Just a suggestion.

I gotta get going now but message me any time if you need help. I’m glad if I helped at all:blush:

Yeah, thank you :slight_smile: I like That. I’m open to any suggestions:)

So the reader is Lexy?

If Lexy is a new nurse:
She woke up late and she has to rush to work. She didn’t have time to read through the book and she misread the room number. She enters Sander’s room, surprised when she doesn’t see the doctor. For some reason unknown to her, she is drawn towards him and decides to read his files.
She was shocked that they had kept him so long. However, as she was late, she headed towards the room she was supposed to be in.

While working alongside a senior nurse/doctor, she can’t help but have Sander on her mind. After she is finished, she decides to talk to the nurse/doctor and ask about Sander. The nurse/doctor immediately dismissed her question and left Lexy confused. Why wouldn’t they talk about Sander?

Later that day, on her lunch break, Lexy sits with some of her colleagues. They notice that she’s being distance and ask what’s on her mind. Once she mentions Sander and that she went into his room, they all seem a bit worried. As their break ends, her colleagues leave except one, who decides to vaguely explain to Lexy the background of Sander.

Omg! I love this ! This helped me so much! I love how you did it in so much detail. I think I’m going to include the other idea and yours. Like before the story starts there’s a little sneak peak on what happened to sander before the present, then I will put your idea in! Ill give you and Jeney a shoutout when I publish this for helping me with the beginning. Again, thank you! This really helped!

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Yeah originally I thought of an idea similar to Jeney_Love but as it’s already been said. :slight_smile: But it would be good it give the reader a bit of background to your story. Glad to help. Good luck.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Oh and by the way, what is the story name? Just so I’m able to check it out once you have published it :blush:

Waking the beast :slight_smile:

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