Can someone help me find this story please!

Hello, I’m new this so I’m sorry if I’m putting this in the wrong spot. Awhile ago I switched my phone over and my episode account couldn’t transfer over so I lost all the stories I have read. I did manage to take ss of some of them, but I lost the one I’m obsessed with. So all I remember about the story is it’s a LGBTQIA and you’re playing as a popular girl who is competing against her rival which she has known her whole life. Anyways, they try to find a nerd and give them a makeover and try to get them with this one popular guy. The love interest is the rival and the nerd girl. I know somewhere there is a sleep over with all the girls and the nerds, but this is all I remember. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me find it!!! Again sorry if I put this in the wrong spot.

That’s Makeover Match by LiaWrites. She removed all her stories from the app and left Episode

hope you don’t mind i borrow your post!

i need to find a story too. it’s about three strangers(friends?) hopping from world after world to search for missing artefact’s parts that the mc broke. i remember the love interest are the other two people and an alien they met along the way. i also remember a zombie arc, mermaid arc, alien arc, & angel and devil arc

it feels like a fever dream because nobody is talking about that story no matter how i search!

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Does it start in Egypt? Could be Through The World’s by Ksenia. The author was banned from the app so it’s no longer there

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yep that one! thank you, i’ve been losing my mind trying to find out what happened to that story

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OMG really!?! Thank you for helping me, it was driving me crazy lol. Even though that’s sad to hear, I appreciate you!