Can someone help me fix it

I don’t know how to fix it.

Remove your gain from the elif. It’ll automatically resort to the last gain you have.

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It still says it

Can you send images with the coding parts revealed?

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Oh right I see it, If you only have two choices:

elif (chose_Girl){

should be


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It didn’t work:(

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You need to have the choice inside the if else

You have if and than both brackets than choice and then else with both brackets so you basicaly inserted the choice between the if else but for the script it means you have 2separate if/else… And because the second doesnt have if you got this eror.

Sory I write now from phone so I cant send you the repared coding but everything what should happen if boy must be INSIDE THE {}

if (condition) {all coding comes here
#here you do not write anything between
else {all coding comes here


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