Can someone help me here do i need to put it there

You need to put it after the background you insert.

Try something like this:

@pause for a beat

oh ok

now i got another problem

You didn’t spell the background exactly right. Look for the background you’re try to use, highlight line 7399, and click on the background under the list that’s on the right with the label Backgrounds.

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now i got that ;(

its just @pause for a beat

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its still like that

it like that

Can you share a screenshot?

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Does it still say it’s spelled wrong? Can you please share a screenshot

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you forgot to add For you have to write it exactly as @pause for a beat

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omg lifesavor ty

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Is this problem solved? Or is there anything else you need help with?

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what dose pause for a minute do??

pause for a beat just pauses the camera/animation for a second or 2

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and how do u make a person lay down on the bed for like sleeping