Can someone help me here do i need to put it there?

Is the issue with the boy? Or the girl

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i spot her in the bed and it dosen’t make stay there she moves away from the bed for some reason


so first have her do the animation you want her to do, which i believe is a laying down animation. Then when she is laying down you can code her.

if you want her to appear in your scene you have to use

@GIRL stands screen center
@GIRL is lay_down (or animation like that)

@GIRL spot X Y, Z in zone T (spot her in the location where you want her)

Hopefully this was helpful!

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[quote=“MelanieyM, post:25, topic:390150”]
how do i make face the other way code??

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@GIRL faces right
@GIRL faces left

ok so i did what u did and its still like that :sleepy:

can you send me your code?


oh nvm it worked tysm!!!

the only thing is do u know why it says auto bot on her name tag when she says something???

Did you change @GIRL to your character name?

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yeh i did

Oh thats very weird I’ve never known that happen before… I don’t know how to fix that I’m afraid

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oh ok ty ig

I could take a screenshot if you like?

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