Can someone help me how to do this?

Hi! Can someone help me how to get the cover? The Episode just emailed me that my covered story is already approved and I checked my story,and it’s still there!!!


You need to publish your story in order for the cover to appear.


So where it says Update (under Publish) press that, and then press Publish.



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I think it doesn’t have one…

If it doesn’t allow u to publish, either your story has overlays and backgrounds that aren’t approved and/OR you don’t have a minimum of 3 episodes and min. of 400 lines done for each of those 3.

From there:

"You can publish a story to the app by tapping the publish button as soon as your story meets the minimum requirements:

  • Your story must be at least 3 episodes long.
  • Each episode must have at least 400 lines to publish.
  • All episodes must be error free and follow our Content Guidelines."

Oh I get thank u!

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@Sydney_H or @Jeremy
Can u pls close this?

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Closed by OP request. :slight_smile: