Can someone help me i search a Story

I Need help Finding an story, Hope someone of you have read it. its about a Girl wich goes to School and is working off her fathers debt. One day the leader of a Gang Comes down and want the Money Form her father but the father does Not have it, the Leaders Takes the Girl and the father is debt free. The leader wants to give the Girl a new life, they fell in Love the Girl got pregnant und runway. She became a son and Opend a Café or Bakery. 5 years later the leader finds her and find Out that the Boy is his son. Hope someone knew the Titel of it:(

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Isnt that chain reaction? I don’t remember her though Being sold I remember her being homeless, But the rest is the same

No, unfortunately not, but it’s kind of like chain Reaktion

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:frowning: oh sorry I’m not sure then x

Is it Forbidden Pleassures by Charity Sweet?