Can someone help me its urgent

when i take it away it doesnt work either, someone please help im in need.

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You have a Bracket before Andrew! remove it! then it should work!:grin:

I did, and this came up ;-;

Try moving the label before the choice is written?

Okay x

Let me know what happens afterward please to see if I can help anymore :slight_smile:

So it should be

label boy_custom

dialog here


“text here”{

text here

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ill try that lol

Ah okay maybe check out what I just commented and see if that works?

You read my mind haha

I think you need to put the label_custom1 before NARRATOR’s SPEECH because choices must follow right after dialogue

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Yes exactly :slight_smile:

it keeps saying this, omg im actually getting triggered now lol :joy:

Wait i did it wrong

fixed it and it says the same

Girl I relate too much :’)

ugh its so annoying lmao

Ah man - maybe check out Apes’ thread? She could help out perhaps?