Can someone help me make a template?

Hey guys,

Can someone help make a template with these overlays?

For a tappable game menu, you know at the beginning where you click and it goes to cc.


Gothic Rose Start (Simple)
Gothic Rose CustomiSe

credits to Faintest.

you’ll need lables for that.

it would be something like

tappable “start ol”
goto label_start
tappable “customization ol”
goto label_customization

and then have the labels

label start
[here goes the story]
label customization
[here is the customisation template]

and so on. :slight_smile: this is a very brief explanation and my coding is soo rusty so I might have gotten wrong a command or two lol, but this is the main idea. tappable overlays and labels

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Thank you!

:heart: :heart:

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Sure, Sams2! I can help you create a tappable game menu template with the Gothic Rose overlays. Please provide more details on the elements you need for the menu and customization, and I’ll assist you in setting it up.

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Thank you, I have it now!