Can Someone Help Me Make An Artscene?


I understand that art and good art is definetly something that takes time and is quite hard to make, yet I have no drawing skills what so ever, but there’s a specific scene in my story Armageddon that I cannot seem to make using just the characters and episode animations, so if someone could help that’d be totally awesome! I’d obviously want to see some examples to see if what said person can do is what I’m looking for for the story.

Sorry if this is like a whole lot to ask, I’m just wondering if anyone would be okay with helping out by drawing one. If your someone who asks for money for like payment, I wouldn’t be able to pay you or anything so just to put that out there.


I’d like to try, I guess…
Give me a moment to get my examples.



I’d love it if you’d be able to try doing the artscene, I can give you further details about it if you’d be up to attempting it.


Sure. I’ll try my best.
Pm me the details.