Can someone help me on making story or make a cover

Hi I anyone out there who can help me write my story with me and I also need someone to help me make a cover 2

I can help you

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Thanks what can you do like help me with my story make me a cover or both it will be very great if you can do both

I can try to do both. Let’s start with the cover. What’s the story about? Do you want a different cover on the front page and a different one when you click on the story ?

Sure I would like to covers

Jane just started college when she meets her college roommate Jesse she ends up having a crush on him. The title is College crush😃

Btw this is my first story

How do Jesse and Jane look like?

that’s jane

this is jesse

Great thanks!

Ok :slight_smile:

Oh! I almost forgot! What background do you want? And do you wanna give any tips about what they should do?

The back ground: like in front of school
And we’ll Jane should be like shy so like the awkward animation

And Jessie will be blushing

Sorry forgot to crop them

If these weren’t good, there is a group called the happy helpers and I think they can make some really nice covers