Can someone help me on sleep animations

here a picture

how do i make look likes she sleeping on the bed

You’ll need to use the “Spot tool” and then resize your character, then move her to the desired position.

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can u show me

or can u screenshot it u doing it???

or like where to press

Use “Spot directing”>“Switch tool: Resize”> Resize your character
“Spot directing”>“Switch tool: Move”> Drag your character to the position you’ll like

Then copy and paste the numbers that appear below the previewer into your script.

Yeah sure, give me a few seconds

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And also instead of awaken use this


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ok ty

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so i got this down

i show u a pic

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how do i make her fit

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OMG tysm for helping luv u girl u the best

You’re welcomed! Hope it helps you

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do u have any stories