Can someone help me (passes problem)

hi, i have a question please, i was wondering when the waiting time is up we usually get 4 passes but my friend just downloaded episode and she gets only 1 pass everytyime, any ideas why and how we can fix it?

Did she try to reinstall it ?


Did she reboot her phone?

yes, she did!

maybe its cuz shes new :woman_shrugging:

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i don’t think so …
that didn’t happen to me when i was new

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Yeah, i think if you’re new you don’t get that much passes.

i would break epiosde if they only give me 1 pass :rofl:

You get more passes as you continue to read stories… I think they just have to read a lot of episodes in order to increase the amount of passes.

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That shouldnt happen at all

okay, that’s weird… it didn’t happen before

same lol

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First of all:
She has to have a profile cause at the start if you don’t put an email they give you just 2 passes.
If you put it and it still doesn’t work try and contact episode:)

oh okay thank you !!

They’ve changed it completely. It’s super annoying. I made my friend download it and she can’t access the full app unless she reads a set amount of chapters from episode original stories. :unamused: and the amount of passes is decreased as well until you complete all necessary steps to gain access to the full app. Smh

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oh okay, that’s bad lol


That sucks so much. I’m glad I got it before they did this.

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Exactly same :joy::joy:

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I know !! :joy::unamused: