Can someone help me please been struggling a lot with this

Hey there!
I have an issue with an overlay, I try to out an overlay so then the character will be able to stand behind it but it it wouldn’t allow me to put an overlay exactly on top of the bed so it will match.
Even though I put the positioning of an overlay it still gives me this:

I have tried using @overlay BED create
It still doesn’t work :sweat::pensive:
I hope I was able to explain it

Maybe try adding it with the background instead:

INT. BACKGROUND NAME - DAY with OVERLAYNAME to % x y in zone # at layer #

Thank you I’ve tried it but is says “Wrong syntax” I don’t really understand it :confused:

Can you post a screenshot of your script and the error?


It should be like this:
INT. YOURBG with BEDOVER to 1.116 -111 -3 in zone 2 at layer 0

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Oh thank you so much)) I am still new to this :smile:

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And next time if you want to use the create command you need to:

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Thank you ))):blush:

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No problem :blush:

If you want to learn more about overlays and how to use them, check this out :blush::

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