Can someone help me please? I really need help

can someone help me with this error?

Read this:

P.S they changed the names of the skin colors and added new ones in : )

See this, too:

oh can you send me the new ones so i can use that script instead of this one?
And my charcter name is there and its spelled correctly im so confused but anyways can you send me the link

so what did i do wrong> the character name is correct and the character exists.

You can replace your template with this new updated one:

And to change the name to the character who’s being customized:

change FEMALEVATAR to YOU by following the instructions written above : )


Put that all on one line.

?? what’s “that”

Write it like this:
@YOU spot 2.400 170 -520 AND YOU faces right AND YOU starts idle

It should all be on one line.

oh ok sorry i must have changed it somehow

it still has the same error?

Show me.

oh my gosh found it i made a mistake

@YOU is all alone at the top, it should be on the one line.

?? sorry im having so many problems

Delete that template and try pasting a new one again :thinking: