Can someone help me please thanks

So, Its been a long time since i written a story but thats besides the point… Do you think if i write in ink or classic it wont get as much readers, since limelight is the STAR right now…?

I need yalls opinions.

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Yup, I think that you will get more readers if you write it in Limelight, fewer reads in INK, and idk about classic… Seems that not a lot of people read it… I saw just too in present community


would you read a story in ink? or classic? like do you find it less interesting with ink and classic?

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I would read it. I miss reading in Classic tbh. So count me in.

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I would read an INK story, the INK style isn’t a problem for me since I was here since the INK era… But I honestly I don’t think I will read classic :slight_smile: It is quite unusual to me.

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Yep. You only need to look at the stories authors have published different versions of, the LL versions tend to always be the most successful by far, but it’s your story and you should write in whatever style you want. (:

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ok so in my opinion ink gets more readers faster than ll, idrk about classic. I’m in the Ink community and its like a small town where everyone know everyone so we all just support each other. However, LL will definitely be more popular as the LL community is so big. On the other hand, it’ll be harder to get viewers as there are so many LL authors with like 5 stories each, so your story will most like be unnoticed at first. Don’t be discourage by it, patience is key! And you can always write the same story in both LL and Ink.

I just want to add that it also depends on the story line, plot, settings. I can’t tell you whats it like in the LL community but in the Ink community, people only read the story if the story contains advance directing, tons of overlays, ect- and I don’t see it as a good thing but thats just how it is.

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