Can someone help me please with a drawing?


Yellow, episodians I’m working on an action story with 2 male mc’s and I want to make my own cover, can someone teach me on how to draw like this on ibis paint please?

I’ve looked up YouTube tutorials but they don’t really explain it well and I can’t find any instagram tutorials as well ):


Have you tried MediBang?


Nope /:


I can show you what I can do on MediBang, if you want.


Lol all of them have the same hairstyle :joy:


Ha ha, you wish it was that easy. Relateable. Girl…nobody can really teach you, it’s down to your knowledge skills and also based on your style of art (how you draw, colour shade etc).
I suggest trying to study these artist’s techniques and pick out what you like the most and try and replicate them into you’re own style. I could tell you everything i know and you wouldn’t be able to get there instantly, you know why? because you haven’t practiced your ass off or studied the hell out of the basics and other complex things. Knowing the basics is helpful but. If you want to learn how to do it. then L e a r n
Put in the work and you’ll own it. Laziness get’s you nowhere.
I believe in you. Good luck.


You think I haven’t tried? Believe me I have I’ve been practicing for a 2 months and I’ve got no where this is my recent draft so far

Girl I haven’t been lazy :roll_eyes: I would say I have worked my ass off. - I just can’t get it perfect.
I need tips. But thanks for the input.


That’s amazing! I can’t even do that! My drawings are bad.


Thank you! I’m sure your drawings are great (:


She didn’t mean that you were being lazy, she means that it’s hard to teach those skills, you develop them over time when you keep doing art. And the way you’re going, you’re basically as good as you wanted to be. Your art is incredible and if you carry on then it’ll be better than those examples you put at the beginning of the thread.

(All she was saying was that you have to keep working on your art and those skills can’t be taught they have to be developed over time, it wasn’t a personal attack it was advice)


Thank you, I must have misunderstood.


Dw about it


I’m not a very good editor, but you can check saphy.tutorials on Instagram, and on you tube if you haven’t watched edit tutorials by Nighty Edits, she has a step by step video too.