Can someone help me? Please

Hi! Can someone help me with a script for a Ocean overlay and the characters. Plz, I need help.

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Hey, I can help ya! :100:

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Thanks for the quick reply! I would love your help.

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You can PM me if you’d like it private, if not just tell me what you’re trying to do!

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I want them to look like they are at the beach skinny dipping. I was hoping someone could make me a script with the characters and the overlay.

Yeah, I can do a script template for you! What background & overlay would you like?

This one?

Thx. I wan the EXT. OCEAN - DAY background and the Ocean overlay


That background automatically gives you the ocean overlay, all you need to do is place your characters and use censor bar outfits!

Oh, well can you make the script with the background

@zoom on 154 380 to 152% in 0
@CHARACTER1 spot 1.280 106 29 AND CHARACTER1 faces right AND CHARACTER2 spot 1.280 220 33 AND CHARACTER2 faces left

^^ This is basically all you need to do!

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