Can someone help me please?


I just started to write a story and I tried to make a cover but it’s a giant failure. Can someone please help me?



I can help if you want

-President of EpisodeStudio


I can help you


Thank you, Is it a problem if it’s in Limelight?


Not at all


Can I help btw?


How do I have to send the features?



She’s already going to help but thank you for willing to help me


Just send the details of the characters… like their eye shape and color, hair, nose, mouth shape and color, and so on… you can just type it all in or screenshot it whichever is easiest for you


I also need to know the title of the story, author name, poses you would like them doing, and genre of the story


Title: Moved
Author: Miss M.
Genre: Romance
And my try was to look it like this:

This is the used background:


Ok… I’m making characters now in my portal unless you have a screenshot of them doing their poses… that would let me get the cover to u faster… do you want that background for both covers??


Yes I have:

And both covers please


Got it… working on them now


Done… hope you like them


Yes, thank you so much


No problem