CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLZ ( lol have to do it like this since episode keeps on saying that this title has already been used)

I think this is is the correct category Correct me if I am wrong

Because of the new update I have to change some backgrounds. I looked around the internet, trying to find an image similar to the one below, but it’s copyrighted. Can anyone help me find one that isn’t copyrighted.


Thx so much

It’s not copyrighted right?

How i set my google search… “Labeled for reuse with modification”

so it shouldnt be

Here’s with the filter

go in episode life and search car. Cars backgrounds and overlays are going to appear :grin:

Can we still use them? Or no cuz of the new update

I think we can because there wasn’t any announcement

Ok thanks

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You can find a lot of pics that are not copyrighted in pixabay !