Can someone help me start a story!

Help me Write Please!

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Is there something you need help with in particular or just the basics?

Heh, I can help I’m good with this kind of stuff

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Just starting

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Okay so do u know what type of story u want to start writing?

Yes, a girl who is wrongly sentenced for something her BFF did and then after her sentence she returns to her old own where her BFF still lives.


Wow! That is REALLY good! and original! :flushed: so if u want me to personally help I can but have you ever heard of Joseph evans

I have, but i find it kinda hard to understand, im not really a visual leanr

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Okay that’s fine, so when u say help u start a story what do you mean?like directing and coding or how to start the story line :face_with_monocle:

Starting a story line and just help with first few scenes

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Okay ask @GiadeLynn123 if there’s a way to share story scripts because I see people do it all the time but idk how

You mean like if someone makes a template and how to send it on here?

yea, please

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Copy and paste the script lmao