Can someone help me think of story ideas?

I am thinking of writing a story on supernatural creatures but A) not a clue what the name would be and B) I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE SUPERNATURAL CREATURES WOULD BE OR WOULD BE DOING!

Omg, I have a thing for stories like this…Super natural creatures are consisted of, but not limited to…

Vampire (pretty common) feeds off blood and has super sonic speeds, strengths
Werewolves (also rly commons) usually creatures that gain power on the full moon, transforming them into the wolf which could maul cities
Witches - Humans gifted with natural powers that allow them to compose spells, as well as conducting rituals
Warlocks - Same thing as a witch, only a warlock is a male!
Hybrids (ww and vampire) - Well…Double trouble…
Tribrid (ww, vamp and witch!) - TRIPLE TROUBLE
Hypnotist - With a certain gaze, they can manipulate any species to do as they say!
Mediums - Communication with the dead
Retributionist - Humans that can resurrect!
Immortal humans with special powers (healing, speed, mind reading etc)

And for the title of your story let me know what plot you’re looking for and I’ll help you!

Thankyou, Like so the main character EMILY but I actually don’t know for a plot. :confused: Like I want a supernatural story but I’m not sure of what. All I know is that I was emily falling in love with a vamp who wants to turn her and a werewolve who wants to turn her and make her his/her mate.

So Emily is a human?

Yeah, Emily is the human in the story but I think that throughout the story she could possibly become supernatural because of something.

So first off, you need to figure out your mythology, or rules that your magic has to follow. Are you going with classic vamps and werewolves, in which vamps are immortal, bloodsucking and catch fire in sunlight, and werewolves are pretty normal, save for their little ‘time of the month’ issue, where they are forced to change under the full moon and will act like mindless wolves? Or are you going to change that a little bit, like werewolves, can change at will are keep their minds, and vampires avoid sunlight and live off blood, but age more slowly instead of not at all?

Also, figure out how supernatural you want to go. Are we talking full-blown Harry Potter, where she finds out there’s a supernatural world and never goes back, or are we talking Twilight, where she dips her toes in, finds out JUST what is needed to move the plot along, but otherwise stays in the regular world?

Secondly, you need to figure out who Emily is. It seems like you’re looking for a love triangle, so you need to give everyone something to love. What is it about her that makes everyone want her and either kill her or turn her into one of them?

What kind of story do you want to tell about Emily? Is she a true character, or are you thinking more of a blank slate for the reader to fill? Either or is okay, but know going into it what kind of experience you what the reader to have. A true character is going to have a fully developed personality, flaws and all, with her own set of personal preferences. A blank slate is far more minimal so the reader can more easily view themselves as being the MC. Think Hermione Granger vs. Bella Swan.

Does Emily have a special ability that they find would be good for their kind or cause, like being able to track supernatural forces or maybe sense danger? Maybe it’s highly untrained, so her interpretations and attempts to avoid them keep turning to self-fulfilling prophecies (or a prediction that causes itself to become true, like sensing you’re going to trip on the curb, and then tripping on the curb in your attempts to avoid tripping). Maybe these attempts at avoidance led her right to her love interest.

Maybe she’s the last in a long line of hunters, and having her turned into one of them would be a slight against her family’s legacy that the vamps or werewolves feel will be the perfect revenge for what her ancestors did? Or maybe her ancestor placed a curse on someone, and she’s the last one that can undo it?

Or maybe she’s just a nice girl who happens to be terminally ill, and the boys think this is a way of saving her from death, and her main struggle is to decide if surrendering her humanity is worth having a future?

If you’re going for a romance, the plot is all about that.
The story arch should go ROUGHLY like this:
Into MC -> into love interest -> why can’t they be together -> why are they attracted -> well maybe they could work out -> opp, nevermind -> they give it a try anyway -> something makes then think twice -> they fight for their love -> happily ever after…
Figure out what message your looking to talk about, and the plot can develop from there. are you thinking true love conquers all, love is complicated, good vs, evil? Each message is what drives a story. The classic true love message, like in Princess Bride, demonstrates that no matter how awful the situation is, the true love of the MC and whomever else (love interest, family member, etc.) will always win. The love is complicated message gives a lot more drama and is a bit more realistic - like in stories where there are breakups, either for good or silly causes, and the two MC are guaranteed to get back together, even though they are deeply in love. Good vs. Evil is also pretty classic, where there are two defined sides that are in a constant battle for dominance…who wins, that’s up to you.

Finally, have fun! Nothing is as exciting as a blank page. :slight_smile:

That is really smart, mind if I do that… :3

Go for it and good luck!!!


Finding ideas are hard for me too. What I do to help me find my ideas is list the pros and cons of my favorite stories to find a story idea with the pros. Sorry if this wasn’t much help.