Can someone help me with a background? Pretty please?

Can someone make me a hotel background with a name on it . I can’t think of a name so you can name it .
I want an outside background with name
And inside background with name. Please and thank you

I can try but I’m not sure :smile:

Thank you so much

What do you mean by the inside would you like a reception or a room?
And what country?

Reception area and Europe maybe in london or something I’m not really sure . This is my first story I’m trying to make and I know what I want but putting into details is kinda hard sorry .

That’s fine I was going for something fancy on the outdoors
But if you don’t like it I can make you a city hotel
And the inside reception I have made it so you can put a character behind the overlay desk :smile:

Fancy hotel

Background Reception

PNG for second one

I love the reception area but can you make a city hotel please and thank you sooo much

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Yh sure xxx :smile:

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This ??? :smile:

Now that I look at it as a city hotel I like the first one thank you very much

Yeah it’s okay. Can u pls give me credit but are you sure cause I can change it again xxx :smile:

Of course I’ll give you credit for your work . Thank you

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