Can someone help me with a bonus scene template?

Hi guys!

I want to add to my chapter, 2 bonus scenes with gem choices but I don’t now how to code them. If you have a template, can you share it with me please? :pray: :pray: :pray:t2: :relaxed:

Thanks in Advanced.

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Personally I don’t know how to create bonus scenes bc I only know the basics of coding however I did look on other threads to see if other people had shared their templates and i found this one:

    Would you like to access the bonus scene?
choice (BonusSceneEpisode1)
##INSERT bonus scene here##

} "No thanks." {
    No problem.

You can also changes the number of gems to however many you like.
And label your choice whatever you like (instead of Bonus SceneEpisode1)
Hope this helps.

I got the code from @storiesby_lia


Thank you very much! :pray:t2: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Np :heart:

If you want the gem choice to show up on the story dashboard (unlocked if you have enough reads), you need to code it like this:


NAME being whatever you want

Any name will work, but that’s the only way to code it and find out how many gems were used to unlock the bonus.

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Thank you very much.

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