Can someone help me with a story title



Hey guys I need your help I have an idea for a story about a robot girl and a a guys who will fall in love with her but he doesn’t know she’s a robot until later but I don’t know what to call my story or my main character robot girl any ideas please?


I know it’s a bit cringey, but what about Robot Romance? Can’t beat a bit alliteration :joy:


I like it do you have any suggestions for the name of the girl?


How about “Mechanisms”? Along with having mechanical linkings, as they are what aid a device to perform is function(s). It can as well be used as a metaphor as to the way in which she must figure out her love life through differing experiences.

Or, you could perhaps use something along the lines of “My Mechanical Heart”, “The Robotics Course”, “Encodings”, or “Wiring.”

For names may I recommend something fairly odd? Maddie. An elongated version of her prototype name, “MAD P7.” Mechanically Automated Droid, Prototype 7.


i like it thanks!!


Not Just A Metal Heart?
Robot Girl And Human Boy?
Dismantle My Heart?


What about A.N.I.E? It could stand for Automatic Nexus Interface Existence. When she says it it will be be pronounced just like Annie, when the boy finds out she is a robot, she could reveal what her name stands for.

Nexus means a connection, you could make a connection between her and something in the story (or you could change the word :joy:)