Can someone help me with an error?


I don’t know what is wrong, could someone help me


Well, if you want a character to wear clothes, this is the format
@ CHAR changes into outfitname

So, it seems like you want Sophie to wear pj’s
@ SOPHIE changes into SOPHIE_pajama

Episode 1 - Saved Love
@ SOPHIE changes into SOPHIE_pajama
@ SOPHIE enters from left to upscreen left
@pan to zone 3 in 3
6:30 A.M
sound alarmclock-digital
@ SOPHIE walks to spot 1.280 253 -3 in zone 3 AND SOPHIE does it while crowdsurf_excited_loop


But i still get this:


Remove the space between sophie and @ on line 17

And on line 7 do this
@SOPHIE enters from left to upscreen left


thank you!!


No problem! :heart_decoration:


do you know how to do this?


The music thing


Get ride of the @ from line 11


If you make the alarm clock a music, it’ll loop it.
Use sound alarmclock-digital
Bc then, it’ll only play once and you won’t need to add music off.


Also instead of typing @pause for a beat two times, you could do this
@pause for 2

The format is
@pause for #


Then I still have this


You added two r’s in alarm.


nothing has changed


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I’ve already checked that, but then it is still wrong


Try this
sound alarmclock_digital


OMG, I make such stupid mistakes. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


No problem! If you ever run into any more problems PM me! :kissing_heart:


okee, That is likely to happen very often