Can someone help me with an intro for my story?


I’m making a new story and i wanted to give this a intro but i have no idea how to do it, can someone help me?


what do you mean ? hahahha


like an animated intro. I’ve seen in some stories that the intro to the episode where appears the title of the story has a text animation (for example the text compair from left to center or from the top to center of the screen, or one letter at time).


haha I need to know that too


You would need to create overlays and code them and stuff - I wouldn’t be able to tell you how (I actually suck at animating overlays) but maybe someone else can teach you

YouTube is a big help and there are directing threads on overlays that are great


You can always place your text overlay offscreen, then you let the overlay go to spot x y z using easebounceout