Can someone help me with an overlay? + credit

Hey! I just wondered of someone could help me with an overlay. I need a door overlay, open and closed. Please comment of you’re interested❤️

Can do


… deets? Background, door, what’s behind it in the open one?

This is the door I want closed.

And I want an putside background behind the open door.

Do you have a higher resolution version of that pic?

It’s currently 200 pixels tall and will look suuuper blurry as a background

Idk, if this is better or the same. But the background’s name is INT. OPEN APARTMENT DOOR - DAY, if that helps.

Much better :slight_smile:


How’s this / is there any specific background you want outside the open one?

Not any specific, but I want it to be inside and in a bedroom or something. And inside behind the open door.

Thanks, if this is too much for you, but if you could make one more with a outside background behind the door, that would be amazing. But you don’t have to do it if you don’t want too.

Also, I love it!


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Yes, thank you! You’re amazing!