Can someone help me with choices/branches?

Hey, I need help with choices and branches. I have an error message saying “choices must follow diolaug immediately, not a branch”. Can someone please help me out? What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried several things to fix the problem but nothing has worked.Screenshot_20190624-203010_Samsung%20Internet|243x500

You only need to say choice ONCE for the first option, the rest you add the brackets! (:

choice “outfit1” {
@DYLANN walks to screen center in zone 3
@DYLANN changes into Outfit 1
@DYLANN walks to screen center in zone 2
goto y_n
} “outfit 2” {

#insert stuff here

} “outfit 3” {

#insert stuff here


And so on!

Thank you sooo much!! I spent so much time trying to figure it out!

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