Can someone help me with coding and with overlays -

Can someone help me with coding and with overlay?

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What do you need help with? :sweat_smile:


Many thanks! I have to use as overlay the table on the left with four characters

I already placed the characters on the spots, as you can see in the picture and with this code. How can i put the overlay on top of their legs to make it look like they are all seated at that table?

Schermata 2020-12-02 alle 17.54.54

here’s the code:

@zoom reset

&INT.COFFEE moves to layer 1

&SELENA spot 0.965 250 232 in zone 1

&SELENA is idle_sit_neutral_loop

&LIZZY spot 0.857 88 268 in zone 1

&LIZZY is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND LIZZY faces right

&MELISA spot 0.938 54 210 in zone 1

&MELISA is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND MELISA faces right

@LEA enters from left to screen right

@LEA walks to spot 1.073 269 153 in zone 1

@LEA is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND LEA faces left

PS: I already have uploaded the table overlay

Yeah your not using the overlay function

And how can I?

Next to background name you have to type “with (overlay name)” and move overlay to the front layer

So the table is an overlay correct?

Yes then it will be like this…

INT. CAFE with table (or whatever you named it)

And then you can code to have characters sitting by the table

Alright when you put INT. CAFE with table place it at a layer, so it doesn’t matter which one. You have to write INT. CAFE with table at layer 2

then for the placing of characters, add this to you line of code.

&SELENA spot 0.965 250 232 in zone 1 at layer -1

and do it with the other characters as well.

Nope, you code overlay layer after you set a background and overlay in scene.

INT. CAFE with table
@overlay table moves to layer X
@overlay table spot XYZ

No, that won’t work, because you want the characters to sit at the seat and not have the table be over them.

Once you write the layer with the background, there’s no need to write @overlay table moves to layer X
@overlay table spot XYZ

Look again at picture… two characters need to have table over them so you have to set layer for table if you want them to look like they are sitting

I really want to see your coding on your screen so I can write it out…


I used both of you suggestions with this code:

INT.CAFFE with INT.CAFE in zone 1

&overlay 4827424832552960_INT.CAFE shifts to -684 -67 in zone 1
&overlay 4827424832552960_INT.CAFE scales to 3.232 3.232

I placed the overlay using stop directing. Thans to both! Can you write me you nick so I can credit you?

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Lol glad you figured it out. What do you mean “nick”?

nickname, like ig account or on episode.