Can someone help me with desk overlays?


Can someone make an overlay of the desk for me please? If you can I’d greatly appreciate it and I’ll credit you in my story :smiley:

Thanks if you do :slight_smile:


I can try.
No promises I will be able to, would you like the plant in it?


Thank you very much and yes please!


Hi, I’ve only ever made overlays using dark colours, therefore this took lots of different editing apps and I am not sure how you feel about it. It is up to you if you want to use it, and I will not be offended if you do not want to use it,
At least i gave it my best shot.

I’m so sorry. It looks horrendous :persevere:
~ Ella


Don’t say that! It’s great but the only problem is that it’s jpg and overlays need to be png and I have no idea how to make them png so if you don’t either that’s fine lol


I had no clue :confused:
I can try to sort this.

~ Ella


has this changed anything?

I’m useless.

~ Ella


Yeah! That’s perfect thank you so much!!


You’re welcome!
Glad I could help.
You can credit my forum username : @ellaenvious.episode, if you wanna use it.
You don’t have to, if it’s bad.

~ Ella


Great! Will do. BTW when my story is out will you give it a read? It’s going to be called Chill Out


Yes, I would love to.
If you can let me know when you’ve published it/updated it, I will be more than happy to read it.
~ Ella


Cool. I will :smiley: