Can someone help me with having the option for a hairstyle to be locked?

Hey!, In the customization for a style of hair (like short hair) I want to like keep it locked so readers wouldn’t be able to use it until later in the story but they still can choose what hairstyle they want but I need help with that because I don’t know how to do it lol. Can someone help me? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey! So all you’d do for it is put < LOCKED> before the choice. This will make it grey and add a lock on it, but the reader will still be able to tap it. When I lock certain parts of customization, I usually put a label at the start of it, then put goto label_name within the locked branch. (I hope that makes sense, in case it doesn’t I put an example below!)

label start_customizing

What would you like to change?
< LOCKED >“Hair styles.”{
goto start_customizing
“Skin tones”{
add skin tone options here
“Face shapes”{
add face shape options here
…and so on :slight_smile:

i just realized episode hid the <> for some reason…so it should show up properly now!


You can either remove those specific hair choices out of the CC completely so they don’t appear at all or you can remove the commands within them that changes the character’s hair and replace them with a narrator box telling them that those options are locked for now.
To make a choice appear grey with a lock icon, you type <LOCKED> before the choice name, but this cosmetic in nature. Adding that will not automatically lock a choice for you, you have to do the ground work by changing the commands inside of the choice(s) in question.


Dara has workshop for any kind of limited cc


Thank you guys so much!! @alysin @schittwriter @Farah_DeSantis :slight_smile:


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