Can someone help me with his quick coding piece?


@SCARLET spot 1.250 111 96 at layer -2 AND SCARLET is laying_faceup AND SCARLET faces right AND POLICE OFFICER spot 0.931 111 248 AND POLICE OFFICER faces right

I keep getting an error message saying that its not a valid directing command, but I don’t understand why. Could anyone help me?


Not sure if this’ll work, but try seperating some of the commands, it may be too large. Try doing Scarlett’s spot placement in one line, maybe her actions in the next line, and same for the officer. Hope it works?


I separated it, but it still has an error.


its saying this part has the error: @SCARLET spot 1.250 111 96 at layer -2


@SCARLETT spot 1.281 100 100
@SCARLETT moves to layer -2
But with your specific numbers.


I figured it out! Thank you for helping me!


No problem!