Can someone help me with language arts work

Why might throwing caution to the wind be a bad thing? (answer in 2-3 sentences)

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The wind can be very dangerous at times and cautioning it can be much more helpful than you think. As we all know, the wind and the breeze are very nice things that we enjoy, but sometimes the wind can become more deadly than we realize. By being careful and thinking of all the outcomes whilst enjoying the breeze, we can be more prepared for when the worst strikes first.

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No problem. I hope that helped

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As detailed as that is you are going to want to put that into simpler terms so it actually sounds like something you wrote. If you can’t answer this then your teacher will know that you have never described anything like that.

Example -

Throwing cation to the wind means you don’t think about the consequences of your actions are at the time. So throwing cation to the wind is bad since it is gamble, you are not guaranteed that you will get a good outcome.

The one before me sounds too detailed in my opinion and I wouldn’t believe that you wrote that so I think you put it in your own words. :woman_shrugging: