Can someone help me with large or small cover for my story?

Hello, someone it’s good at making covers? Because i really need one for my story. Please.
Description in my story: So, a girl decide to revenge on the bad boy because he did some things wrong, and here the story begins.
And, character details…
The boy:
Face: Square Jaw
Eyes: Classic Round (Green)
Hair: Short cropped hair (black)
Eyebrows: Medium Sharp
Nose: Roman
Mouth: Classic (Terracotta)
Skin: Light.
And the outfit… Ripped pants, tattoo, you know what i’m sayin’ about the bad boy’s style.
The girl…
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (fawn)
Face: Round.
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Eyes: Upturned Feline (blue)
Mouth: Full round (Ruby red)
Nose: soft natural
Skin: Light.
And the name of story: Revenge On The Bad Boy
please, i really need it.

Hey I can’t make cover but I make some pretty good splashes. If you want one check out my splash thread:

Of course, thank you. This means the world for me <3

No problem. Just go to the thread and submit a request and I’ll have it done as quick as possible,

Um Sorry, English isn’t my native language. Mind to tell me what means “thread”?:sweat_smile:

Don’t worry. So I’ll have a link down below just click on it and go and submit a request there. :slight_smile: A thread is a topic or a place where people do stuff for you So just click on the link down below:

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