Can someone help me with my Cover Art

Hey. Can someone help me with the cover art for my new limelight story? Just the MC. It will contain two collaged backgrounds. One on earth and the the other one will be a planet containing two moons. MC will stand in the middle. She’ll have mixed emotions like confusion, worry, scared and adjusting. I’ll enclose the picture of MC.


I will start right away

But can u tell me the details first :grinning:

This is MC. If you need any other details, ask away

Story name: Teleporting To Unknown
MC name: Bella
Skin color: Rose 4
Brows: Arched Natural (Black Dark)
Hair: Hair flip/ Long High Ponytail (Black Dark)
Eyes: Deepset Almond (Brown Black)
Face shape: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Small Heart (Rose Gloss)

Flower tank pattern tank silk grey black

Silver cuff leggings spandex grey black

Lace cape stiletto heels leather grey black

Here it is But uhhh I changed the clothes and some features is it okay?

Should iI change the background or is it okay

U also write ur name in the “BY:” cause ya know I don’t know ur episode name Also if u want u can credit me @Imsadi_episode

I’d love to help

You’ve done awesome. Loved the background. But can you add the moon of earth?
And change the eye color to black?
Apart from that… Everything is fabulous
Oh yes… By Mahjabeen. Add that :slight_smile:
Aannd yes… The edit is for small cover. I think you did that for large cover

I’ll be more than happy if you help. You can do me the favour too.

I’ll get started in the morning then! Is it a large or small cover?

Small cover

Great thanks :blush:

Here it is!:hugs:

Are u okay with it???

I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t need an shadow of MC. Previous one was good but with black eyes. And I prefer the writing in white like the previous one. Please solve this two problem… :disappointed_relieved:
Or you can just add the moon in the previous one. And change the pixel to 420×580?

I am so sorry :sob::sob:

But do you need a splash I have one!

No… The previous one was enough.