Can someone help me with my file?

So I’m not sure where to put this topic so I just put it here. If you see @Dara.Amarie 's drive she has that who ever enters is anonymous. How do I do that? Can someone check out/test my drive for me? I don’t know if it even works or whats happening in it :joy: (The Link: ) Also how do I put some of my docs on the Link Tree?

yeah it works your drive

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Wait just my drive works or does the anonymous thing work to?

I just create a new link and copy and paste the link the web bar thing

it said Jess’s drive idk what you mean

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THanks for telling me my drive works but my other question was when you go into a doc that’s in my drive, I was wondering how @Dara.Amarie got the emails to be anonymous.

oh I’m not sure about that sorry!

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Thanks for telling me my drive works tho


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