Can someone help me with my new story?

So I’m making a summer fun story the title of the story is called SUMMER!

Here’s the description: Summer has always been the best season for these two best friends Summer and Jaylen because it was the only time of year they could see each other. What happens when Summer and Jaylen meet again after 10 years!

I need a writing partner because I want this story to be one of my best stories ever!!!

I can’t do that if my English and coding is bad😭 so I need help with that can someone help me? I want to learn how to do advance coding. And of course I want the episodes to turn out good☺️


Hey, your story sounds good! I can help you with coding your story and checking your English for a fee. Let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested :relaxed:

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Okay thank you!! I will let you know.

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I can help with English and grammar for free .

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Thank you so much🤍

Ofc just pm on here or on discord if you have discord .

Okayy I’m working on the first chapter I will send it to you when I’m done!