Can someone help me with my script-layers-

So I’m trying to have “VINCENT” walk up behind “LIA”, but when i replay, it still has “VINCENT” in front of “LIA” even though i have them at the right layers in my script??? PLS HELP :persevere:

This is how it shows up in my story. I’m not sure why

For me it only works when I use layer 3 for Lia :woman_shrugging:

@LIA moves to layer 6
&VINCENT ?? AND VINCENT moves to layer -5

Try spot direction:

@VINCENT spot 1.280 -100 0 in zone 1 at layer -2

@VINCENT walks to spot 1.280 50 0 in 1.2

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Insert this
@overlay ROPE OL moves to layer 2
@VINCENT moves to layer 3
@LIA moves to layer 1

And that should solve it

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This one worked! TYSM :laughing:

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