Can someone help me with my tappable cc?

Basically I have 5 overlays and each one says a character name, and once you click one it should let you customize the character you picked. Some arenm’t allowing me to click them, and it’s just so much errors in it that I can’t figure out can someone help me??


You should check this out video

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make sure you have said ’ tappable’ at the start and make sure that the overlays are where you want them to be. if you have done that, send a screenshot and i might be able to help!

can you post your script?

how do i do that? my script has reached maximum limit

wow you mustve written a lot. but just go to your snipping tool, and take a clip of the spot in your script thats having an issue

i just skipped over the cc template but this is basically the most vital parts of the script that u need to see. i’m not sure if they are in order

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thanks for posting them, are the tappables that aren’t working amelia/claudia/leroy/doyle yellow? ive noticed that whenever an overlay has the same name as a character, the computer doesn’t read it correctly. maybe reupload them with a shortened version of their name like AME YELLOW and see if that fixes it. the placement wouldnt change so youd just have to change the name of the overlay

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they are working. but it’s like if i tap Amelia, it presses Claudia like something is off, and thank you so much for helping !! I’ll try that

I tried it, it did not work

they do say tappable and i uploaded some screenshots.

okay, so I think I see what might be going on. your label character-customization is above where you create your overlays. Unless you’re changing the background (in which case you’d put the label on the line before the background), you should put it right before the word tappable. once they choose a character, you can make the overlays fade to opacity 0. to bring them back you can set opacity to 1 either when they confirm they are happy with their cc, or right under the initial character_customization label. does that make sense?

Thanks so much, but it’s still not working. I’ll just use the regular way instead of the tappable cc.

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