Can someone help me with overlay “talking”? idk lol

So basically i made a custom pose for my character and i want her talking with like overlay lips and i want to know if i can have that characters speech bubble while the overlay is “talking” so it looks like the overlay is for real talking like an animation idk if that makes sense but if anyone could help that’d be great i’ll credit you with directing help if wanted

place a character off-screen, then adjust the speechbubble’s position!

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it’s really cool that you’re able to make a custom pose!
well, if you already have the overlay and everything, you can just put like a

&overlay [OVERLAY NAME] shifts to [SPOT POSITION] THEN overlay [OVERLAY NAME] shifts to [ORIGINAL SPOT POSITION] loop INFINITE times

you can also replace the INFINITE times with another number, like loop 5 times.
remember the & so the character is moving while the dialogue is on screen.
for the speech bubble, put the character whose name you want on the speech bubble offscreen or @CHARACTER spot 0.0 1 1 and then adjust the speech bubble according to your custom pose!

is that what your question is asking? if you need any more info, please ask!

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okay so basically i’m trying to have that speech bubble appear while the lip overlays are moving like she is “talking” so it looks like a real animation i don’t know if that makes more sense but i tried putting the speech bubble before i put the lip overlays and after but it doesn’t seem to do both at the same time
(sorry for the bad quality.)

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Put the overlay code before the speech, and use & instead of @ so that it plays at the same time.


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