Can someone help me with romance/drama

Hey y’all I really want to write a romance/drama story but does anyone know how to not make it cliche? Any writing prompts I could use?

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Will you allow me to give you an outline of a story based on my favorite theme - wedding.

Back drop: Ethnic cleansing has taken a new form in the name of love war in a capitalistic male dominated society suffering from a sharp decline in appropriate number of genetic women. Government has taken a new strategic decision to surgically convert those not so suitable to live a life of a man falling in the age group of 18 -30 to full-fledged women with capacity to reproduce and then those women are taken in marriage by rich suitors. To facilitate the policy and to generate the cost involve in the transformation surgery the Government has also come up with gender transformation unit in each district headquarters. A specialized body regularly carries suitability test among men, and if they find them not so suitable to live a man’s life, they upload their bio data with color photographs in the national matrimonial website. It is needless to mention only rich men can afford to marry. A new set of rules are established. In order to marry a genetic woman, suitors have to enter in a lucky draw competition and have to pay to the government triple the price of gender transformation. Suitors may also choose to sponsor men from national matrimonial website. There are two groups of man waiting to become woman. - Premium and ordinary. Premium men are the most suitable men to become women. To sponsor their gender transformation in order to marry them, a rich suitor’s family has to pay double the price of gender transformation. Once the initial consent of marriage is expressed and the contract has been signed by both the parties, the subject is taken into gender transformation units for necessary correction to be made. In consultation with the doctors, parents or the groom himself may decide upon the size of implants to be made in order to achieve the desire vital stat. A suitable vaginal depth is also decided for pleasurable conjugal life. Tattoos, piercing, hairs (Length, color and texture) and necessary training come as complementary with the package. There are murmurs that the Government is disdainful to a particular ethnic group in selecting suitable candidates to give up their lives as men.

In this story the protagonist is --------, (Waiting to become Woman) a 23 year old college freshman who is absolutely unhappy and unwilling to take the new role in the society. To worsen the situation further, it is being revealed that the suitor is none other than his college love’s brother. He is big, stout and muscular man and their family is incredibly rich. At the time of judging the suitability of the match, his love failure in college is discussed and he is being humiliated thoroughly.

Key words I request you to use in the story: Forced feminization (Hormone Therapy, A Combination of Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty, Breast implant, buttock implant, various facial feminization Surgeries), Difficulties in dealing with the newly achieved feminine body, training to embrace new role, a detail description of bridal makeover and a big fat wedding (As She sits quite uneasily upon a stool to get her makeup done as bride, she gets to listen to catcalls and she is being teased heavily . Women anticipate her new role as wife and about her position in bed. She gets to meet a strict mother-in-law ( Who often gives her lecture on what lady is like and what is not ) a naughty sister-in-law, who is always curious and doubtful about her body parts, a group of envious men (Those Who desire her amorously) and a group of genetic women and freshly transformed women who are equally envious with the fate of her… An erotic and steamy wedding nigh t will soon be followed by a home coming (Newly wed bride along with her tall handsome husband comes to her own parents place. Her mom will notice a paradigm shift in behavior and personality. Her once- son is now a gorgeous and docile women and the credit goes to her virile husband, who clearly has fucked the trace of masculinity out from her son’s head. Mom and now –a- daughter will discuss things which are purely considered to be ladies things. In a conversation with her, she will unhappily confess that she is totally in a taken in hand relationship with her husband .Her soul though has not yet to adjusted with the new role but her body foolishly wants her husband’s dick. She now waits every night to be taken by her husband like any normal newlywed bride. She will admit that she is nothing but a trophy wife and a fuck-toy for her husband.


Is this an actual story???

Ohh I have no idea but is original :joy:

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I think Pinterest has some decent prompts - I reckon to prevent clichéness so to speak perhaps focus on the emotional part of the romance rather than the physical part as well. I have seen some people in the forums who really like romance but the stories contain too much unnecessary steaminess etc.

Pretty sure The Pact came from a writing prompt and damn I love that story so much.

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Cliche is, by definition, something that lacks original thought - if you don’t want to make something cliche, give it your own twist! It’s that simple.

For example, a common cliche is the evil step-parent or the popular girl who is a jerk for no reason. Kill the cliche by making the step-parent supportive or give the popular girl a reason for being a jerk to the MC (like the MC’s older sister was a real jerk to the popular girl and she wants revenge).

In romance, there are several reoccurring aspects of stories that are popular…mainly because people love to read them! For example, here are some:

  1. The love triangle between the MC, the nice popular guy, and the bad boy.
    How to avoid being a cliche? Give them BOTH depth, making them interesting characters instead of stereotypes. Some writers make them brothers - like in One Tree Hill - or maybe step-siblings. Maybe they were former best friends. Or maybe they are rivals and getting with the MC is high stakes for them…and maybe the MC finds out and doesn’t like the idea of just being another thing they compete over just for the sake of competing.

  2. The badboy’s tragic backstory. Wrong side of the tracks.
    How to avoid being a cliche?
    The bad boy needs a reason to do the things he does and act the way he does, so think of your own reasoning for why he’s bad…other than just to be bad. Unless that’s his personality - maybe he’s a deviant little jerk, lol, but people usually like a little bit more depth for the main love interest. Is he acting out to get attention from parents, is he lashing out because of an abusive household? Give him depth of your own making other than ‘he’s bad because he’s a badboy’.

  3. The parents who just don’t understand OR the awful parent and perfect child.
    How to avoid being a cliche?
    You can either omit parents completely from the story or include them. Usually, people are going to wonder where they are where their daughter is (fill in the blanks) with (fill in the blanks), unless neglectful parents are part of the plot and a driving force for some of the MC’s actions. Parents can be a great source of drama and tension…but it’s a cliche for the teenager to rebel because ‘my parents don’t understand me’. How to avoid that? Have them rebel, do what their parents forbid/frowned on and have the MC learn that their parents had reasons for objecting to something. It’s a great way to show that the MC has matured and learned from an experience.
    Another cliche is the awful parent - we’re talking sell-you-to-the-mafia awful - who has a perfect child. Chances are, the parents didn’t just roll out of bed and decide to be the Wicked Witch of the West. There was a whole childhood of trauma there for their kiddo, and unless the kid was raised exclusively by another parent or grandparent, the MC isn’t going to be a perfect saint. Feel free to use awful parents, but to avoid the cliche of the Angel child being born from the Devil parent, give the MC some issues. Trust issues that cause drama for example, and then have her work on fixing them.

  4. The makeover.
    How to avoid being a cliche?
    Makeovers are great! Sometimes the not-so-ugly duckling getting a makeover for revenge/ self-fulfillment/just cuz happens all the time! Nothing wrong with that…but give her at least some reason other than ‘I want to be more popular’ or ‘I want X to like me’, followed by her getting her exactly what she wants. Maybe have her find out being popular based on looks isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, or maybe the guy she wanted to get the attention of does fall in love with her now…but it turns out he super shallow, and the guy she should have been with the entire time in some other guy that liked her before her transformation.

  5. The Group of friends suddenly in love with the MC
    How to avoid being a cliche?
    Alright, so this one is popular for a reason - who doesn’t like to imagine a bunch of dudes in love with them!? But like with the bad boy-popular guy love triangle, give them all some depth. Usually, if a group of guys all fall for the same girl, there is in group dynamics that come into play…depending on the friends, the dynamics can be totally different. Maybe there are three guys - one doesn’t act on his feelings, one pursues the girl, while the third secretly pursues her as well. When the first guy finds out, all hell breaks loose and the MC is caught in the middle.

  6. Bad boy gets the girl, even though he’s a major jerk
    How to avoid being a cliche?
    Once again, give him some depth! Also, don’t make it so easy. If she’s falling over herself to get him and he’s just a walking statue, flicking his hair and giving angst monologues and looks… then it can come across as one-sided. Maybe she rejects him after he does something that’s a deal breaker for her, and he’s forced to change if he wants her back. Or, maybe they break up halfway through the story and the MC is given a chance to either get back with him after he makes it up, or move on with someone who didn’t do (insert whatever bad boy did that was offensive) to her.

Whatever cliche you’re worried about accidentally producing - don’t! Just make it your own, write about what you find interesting, and have fun! There are TONS of ‘cliche’ stories out there that people LOVE to read…and we’re ALL guilty of writing one or two at some point, especially when we’re just getting into the game.


Thank you, that really helped a lot!

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I am high key bookmarking this - thanks :slight_smile:


I would love to help you out. Actually I really want to help you out. this could be fun!

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Yes. Can one develop a full show with my story out line. I’m not good at building a play with it.

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Have you actually put it into an episode though? I would love to read it :slight_smile:

Nope. I am here actually looking for a partner, who can build a show for episode using my story lines.

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I would help if I wasn’t already working on something myself. It does look really cool and I hope it goes well for you :slight_smile:

Perhaps make a thread to say you are looking for a co-author/director for your story :blush: I am sure someone would love to make your story come alive. I would have offered but I am working on something too :heart:

All the best :smiley: