Can someone help me with some overlays?!

Hey i need overlays for my story.

Basically i need 5 bubbles of text messages like this:

I need them to say:

1- Where are you?

2- Sorry Lex but i can’t do this anymore.

3- Kayla i’m coming over.

4- Congratulation you’ve past the first step to enter Bad Angels.

5- Now be at the common room at 2 am or you’ll be disqualified.

If you can help? It’ll be really appreciated.
And i will definitely give credit.

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Are you in a hurry? I’m working tomorrow morning but I can do it after.

Also I can flip the bubble for you so it looks like two different conversations x

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Sure i’m not in a hurry.

Ok, I’ll get it done ASAP x

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But it’ll like the bubbles to look like the photo references because i want for the text to just pop up on the screen so the readers could read.

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They will be turned into overlays not to worry xx


You can always use Jospeh Evans phone background use the code, set format phone_text

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I would if it was a conversation between two characters but i wat the overlays to pop up next to the character so the readers could see the messages that she’s received.

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Oh! Okay!

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Sorry work finished later than expected, I’ll try find some time tomorrow

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It’s fine

message 1 message 2 message 3 message 4.png message 5

I modified the bubble to make it look more realistic. Let me know if these are ok.

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Thank you they are amazing

NP x

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