Can someone help me with some zooms?

Hey y’all, I need help doing some zooms for my story.
2 things to know I am using this background in zone 1: INT. JUVIE HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY
And it’s an earthquake FYI just in case you need it.
I just can’t get it too look right so I thought maybe some of you could try for me.
Thank you!!

@Apes @TamiRose

Here this can help! :upside_down_face:

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I was gonna mention that didn’t work but I forgot.

What part? They are gonna be in a hospital while the Earthquake happens.

It’s fine. Like zooming so that it looks like the room is shaking do you know what I mean?

The amazing @xiomara17 helped me over PM and this is what she gave me.


@Nick or @Sydney_H can either of you please close this thread? Thank you!

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Closed: Marked as solved by op. Thanks all! :v: