Can someone help me with sound/music?

While trying to add music to my story, I keep getting this message when previewing.

I’ve been trying everything to fix it, but the music won’t play, and the message keeps popping up. Can someone please help me? Thank you!

Have you tried previewing it on your phone?

Yes, it still won’t work. :tired_face:

have you tried writhing music instead of sound


I just tested it out in my own. and it works fine. it might be something els there is wrong I have tried where I was told something was wrong and what was wrong was mutilple lines under where it said it was. so try and remove it and see if its says a mistake is somewhere els

Okay, can you send me a picture of how you did it?

It still didn’t work :frowning:
Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 11.47.50 AM

try to remove the sound affect

Like the angelstring? Or the whole sound angelicstring sound off command?

the whole thing.

the sound the volume the sound off. because I dont think that is whats wrong

What do I do now?

I dont know. I dont know what your script looks like now

What does it say on the far left where is says Script Tools and saying what the Error is?

It only says that my background hasn’t been approved yet.

Usually when a background isn’t approved yet it doesn’t catch most of the errors in the script until it is approved.

Are you fine taking that background off so it will tell you the error and then put it back when the problem is solved (I do see the Error on the far right but it isn’t giving enough detail). That also may be why your sound isn’t working. Also make sure your phone isn’t on silent and your volume is up.

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Okay, let me try that

I got it to work on my phone! Thanks for your help! @Kassidy.episode


Your welcome! :heart: