Can someone help me with story description

I’m working on a new story that has some of planned out but I need help with the description.

It’s about a girl named Piper Edward Sinclaire she always been interested in cats the title is called Meow.

When she’s in human form she feels invaluable and feels ignore being in human form.
When she has in middle school and up to high school. she has been bullied because of her weight and how she used to dress in the past. (she dresses very goth and emo. )
(Which will show up in her past mostly through flashback and stuff.)

I write out a few descriptions you can let me what I change or if it sounds good?

Piper. a girl that loves being around cats what happened when she turns into one?
Will she remain as a cat or go back to being in human form?

Piper- Cute, girly, preppy, funny, and smart. She’s a bit shy sometimes :sweat_smile:
She loves helping the nursery home and cares about the elders and children.
She has always been an outcast when she was in school I’m not sure if I want the storyline to be in high school or go out with her adult life…?

The high school part could be her past and as in her adulthood, she could gain a little bit of confidence because she’s grown up and she only has 2 best friends.

Piper Edwards Sinclaire works as a libertarian she’s always been interested in cats and tired of being a human.

What happened when she is in a world of cats will she’s staying as a cat or go back to being a human?

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What’s your story about or what is the general plot?


What’s it about?


i would love to help, once you put the plot out ofc ! :))

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What happened when she is in a world of cats will she’s staying as a cat or go back to being a human?

But I want the story to mostly be comedy and fantasy.Very little to no romance I might not even add romance.

Piper is used to being ignored and bullied for her appearance. What happens when Piper turns into the one thing that makes her feel different? Will she learn to accept herself as she is, or will she forever hide behind the facade of a cat?

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omg, that sounds so good!!!. :heart: :heart: :heart:
Thank you so much you came up with a better description than I did.

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No problem! I wish you the best of luck on your story :heart:

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