Can someone help me with the pop out?

Hi can someone help me how the character pops out in the backround? Pls help

Are you asking how to place background characters? Or that your background characters stand in front of your screen?

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Ummm…I think placing characters…
And also,do u know how a character run?

For the running, that’s an animation. Type run next to your character’s name: Like this: @GIRL is run__ (and the animation will appear.)
For placing, there are a few steps, If you preview your story, there will be a few boxes on the side. (This is for the computers only)
1.Click the box titled directing help.
2. Click the boxes that appear below and click on the one titled spot helper.
3. Next, click on your character and then you can move/scale your character.
I’ll make a scene to show you what the code looks like.

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Thank u! I will try it!:heart::blush:


@cut to zone 3

@JOE moves to layer 2

@SETH moves to layer 2

@JAY moves to layer 0

@FLO moves to layer 1

@MARIE moves to layer 1

@JAY spot 0.164 65 459 AND JAY starts idle_bounce_happy_loop AND JAY faces right

@SETH spot 1.271 287 5 AND SETH starts talk_phone_excited_loop AND SETH faces left

@JOE spot 1.361 155 -38 AND JOE starts idle_rear AND JOE faces right

@FLO spot 0.470 88 244 AND FLO starts listen_nod_neutral_loop AND FLO faces left

@MARIE spot 0.506 31 238 AND MARIE starts talk_read_phone_neutral_loop AND MARIE faces right

@pause for 1

@JAY walks to spot 0.164 22 456 in 3 AND JAY is run_athletic_neutral_loop

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So here is a little bit of spot directing code.
Layers are really the most important thing!
Change the character’s name with your own and you can see how to do some spot directing!
Also the character in the background runs a little so you can see how that works too.
Hope this helps and if you have anymore questions, just let me know!

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I already try what u said but when I preview it,It it’s still the same…

Can you send me a screenshot? I don’t really understand what you mean by the same.

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I tried to make her small but when I previewed it,its still the same


Did you copy the code on the bottom and paste it to the script? If you scroll down you can see the coordinates of the spot.

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What do u mean i dont really understand sorrry

It’s fine. When you preview, if you scroll down a little, you will see a box that says underneath the word, copy. If you go to the directing helper box on the right side of the previewer, click on it, a few more boxes will appear near the bottom. Click on spot helper and on the left side three boxes will appear.

I already saw it and I clicked copy so what do I do next?

so where your character stands, I’m guessing
@MC stands screen right
You paste your new spot over that, as in your new spot position.

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This is what it looks like…

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So u mean I will paste the spot in the script?

Yes! Over where your character stood before.
So change
@mc stands screen right
@mc spot --------

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OMG thank u!!! It worked!!!

But I still can’t run…