Can someone help me with the story description?

I’ve been trying to fill out the story description for a while but it always too long!

anyways this is what the story is about

Erin and Briana are Identical twins that were separated at birth but still grew up together just not in the same household. Briana tries to make Erin’s life as miserable as possible because she has a better life than her (Family wise because she ended up with mom and she is a terrible person)
Now Erin is an assistant for her sister at a high-end magazine Company.

I haven’t figure out how the love interest Roman and Erin meet
I’m choosing either…
he’s a celebrity
or he owns a company and they are planning to merge with the magazine company

  • he’s a celebrity
  • he owns a company

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A malicious twin sister who seeks to ruin your life suddenly becomes your boss! Can a high-profile celeb (or “rival company’s CEO”) save you from her wrath?

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