Can someone help me with these?

Hi! Can someone help me with this problem? I dont know to get the girl out of bed


@ SERENA stands screen left AND SERENA starts transition_sit_to_stand AND SERENA faces right

Or use the spot directing helper to position her correctly :blush:

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Its still in there… :frowning:

:woman_facepalming:t2: It’s possibly a glitch. I keep seeing spot placements wrong but correct in the script. Have you used the spot helper? Place her where you want her and put the numbers instead of stand screen left.

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No,I didn’t use the spot helper cuz I dont know what that means…And this is my first story after all… :frowning:

:woman_facepalming: Oops…Sorry I get it now the “AND” at the script is mispelled so I probably get it now…Anyway thank u for the help! :smiley:

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@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can u pls close this?

You got it @Zaira123! :lock: